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Urbans&Co™ Automatic Bottle Opener
Urbans&Co™ Automatic Bottle Opener
Urbans&Co™ Automatic Bottle Opener
Urbans&Co™ Automatic Bottle Opener

Urbans&Co™ Automatic Bottle Opener

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A brilliantly simple way to open a bottle of wine.

When using a traditional bottle opener, one single mistake can lead to a perfect evening being ruined by a broken cork in your wine, or spillage on your favorite shirt. With the Urbans&Co™ Automatic Bottle Opener you can save yourself the stress and agony, and open your bottle with just the push of a button.  

Effortless opening within seconds

The Urbans&Co™Automatic Bottle Opener will open any corked bottle for you within only 6 seconds! Simply place the opener on top of the bottle, with the screw centered in the middle of the cork, and push the button.

 It also features an easy-to-use foil cutter, so you’ll never have to run a knife along the seal of your bottles ever again!

This makes for a truly effortless experience, even for people with grip-strength issues, who otherwise would struggle to use traditional openers. 

 Elegant design

The opener features a transparent corkscrew cover, as well as a blue LED light that will make it easy for you to open bottles even under dimly lit, romantic dinners.

 The body of the device is made of a premium ABS, and has a sleek, attractive design, so it won’t look out of place in any setting.

The perfect gift!

The Urbans&Co™ Automatic Bottle Opener should be a staple in any wine lover’s kitchen. It would therefore be the perfect gift to any friend or family member who likes to treat themselves with a glass of wine.

With the holiday season just around the corner, hurry up and get yours at 50% OFF today, so you can be at ease knowing you have secured a great gift!  

 What’s included?  

  • 1 Automatic Bottle Opener (AA batteries are not included)
  • 1 Foil Cutter



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